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The past couple of Florida news days have proved to be an elemental study in Florida Senate Greco Wrestling. They have shown us how not to win friends and influence people and have redisplayed the spineless unprincipled lack of conviction by a major political party.

Timing is everything they say.

… A Miami state senator is fending off calls for his resignation, a possible Florida Senate complaint and the condemnation of fellow Republicans after he referred to six white colleagues as the N-word during a heated discussion with a black lawmaker . . .”

You just can’t make this stuff up. It seems that a group of Florida Senators met at Governors Club in Tallahassee for what may be one too many. You know, Senators night out.

… Artiles let the pejoratives fly during a private conversation Monday in the members-only Governors Club, where he was complaining about what he sees as the failed leadership of Senate President Joe Negron, who is not moving enough Republican legislation even though Republicans outnumber Democrats 25-15 in the chamber.

It seems that the “PRIVATE CONVERSATION” that was taking place was not so private because it ended up in the tabloids. That’s where the Florida Senate Greco Wrestling 101 comes into play for our tipsy Senator who just learned his first painful and big time take down maneuver. Ouch!

The element that makes this whole thing even more central is that the RPOF is launching its “Make Florida Red Campaign” to attract NPA voters at the same time. Well better late than never, but I have a sense it is not going to work. For reasons that are fundamental to its success.

The first reason is that the NPA ranks are growing in Florida from a genuine disgust of both of the major political partys in the State. It seems people really are paying attention to this kind of behavior and are no longer willing to wear the label of a party that tarnishes their name.

So what could a principled party do in this case? Would it not make sense to call an Emergency meeting of the RPOF Executive Board and pass a Resolution of condemnation? Or maybe in the least issue a statement strongly decrying the behavior on behalf of the entire State Committee? But to say it is not my place?

“[Whether to resign is] a decision he’s going to have to make,” state Republican Party Chairman Blaise Ingoglia told Politico. “It’s not my job as chair to say what somebody should or should not do. That is a personal decision between him and the constituents he represents.”

While you cannot fundamentally argue with the truism of the statement and you have to respect the laser focus of his words, it still does not absolve the keeper of the brand from wiping the slime off of the name when it gets plastered with a big wet juicy one.

Again, back to my point that you have to be the reason people want to be a part of your political corporation known as the RPOF. And right now in all honesty, the brand doesn’t look to good.

Throughout Florida there are now 168 precincts with more unaffiliated and third-party voters than either major party. More than a third of them (36 percent) are home to more third-party or no-party voters than Republicans.

Repackaging platitudes and gimmicks will only result in more failure. A party must have real, honest and truthful messaging at the core of their GOTV. I addressed this NPA factor in 2014 (read more) and it has been a trend since 2010.

When will it make sense? People are watching. They are willing to participate but not willing to participate in a charade of gimmickry by unprincipled leaders. What reason do they have for wanting to be a Republican? Because the other side is worse?

It sure isn’t because your elected party politicians legislate from a position that you say is Republican intent.

Again charades, how can you pass a bill fifty times repealing health care when Obama is in office and then choke when it actually would pass with Trump in office? What is a Republican?

How about a State platform of ideals / ideas? Or even a statement of principle from time to time.

You see, writing letters and spending money and making calls to argue with or persuade someone to join your soiled ranks in a tent that is on fire, is really not effective. It does make for good political theater though.











Progressive Republican President to “try” and eliminate the conservative wing


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Finally, someone said it;

Conservatives are a threat to the Progressive Republican Party.

Who said it?

“The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!”

Donald Trump ~ 2017

I say finally because we Conservatives in the Republican Party for a very long time have been considered excess baggage and ballast that can be thrown overboard whenever “Winning for the Republican Team” is threatened by constitutionally conservative values and principles. We are fed small scraps to keep us hanging around for the party voter base and thrown to the sharks whenever our values go against your Progressive agenda.

So, congratulations to all of the “Go Team Go” and “Win for our side at any cost” Progressive Republican leadership. You just may have done it. By your demanding loyalty to the brand and support of a candidate that is furthest away from any grounded principle, you have managed with complete success to set our tent on fire with no hope of extinguishing it.

Our Party has lost its way because we have abandoned our values and principles. We elect those who believe in nothing, who routinely compromise their principles for political expedience and negotiate away our ideals. I refuse to accept that.

While many still identify the two party ideologies as Liberal or Conservative the truth is that the apparatus that controls the mouthpiece of the Democrats and the Republicans are full on Progressives espousing new think, new speak and new intent.

The classic Liberal of the day and classic Conservative of the day has been scripted to the back bench and labeled as extremists or disruptive. They have been cast aside and promised scrap for their continued participation in the outright molestation of American Liberty.

It is both sides that have sold “we the people” out.

So, way to go boys and girls, you set aside your principles and ended up with another major Progressive at the helm. And of course now you have to support everything he does because he is a Republican, right?

Please do, it is the energy needed to take the Republican Party from a tightly compacted and imploded mass of tension and fractured principle to the stage that it is moving. That direction is towards the final outcome of exploding into several pieces and strengthening progressivism and its march towards socialism in America. You are going to create a black hole in the political landscape after you go super nova.

Liberty and freedom are in great peril because of these actions and deceptions. We are a short walk from the long winter of National Socialism in America. This winter is nuclear in scale and has the potential to create a great cold amongst our nation and her people not seen since the civil war.

To my constitutionally grounded and principled fellow Americans of any political label, I offer to you that we are in some sense in this together. I also lend that in a way we are extremists. I say to you that if you are not taking heat for criticizing the machines that are destroying our social order and moral fabric, then you are part of the problem.

If you promote an ideal that is opposed to the progressive establishment agenda and display a potential to actually ACT to fight for that ideal, then you will eventually be labeled an extremist. Then the power of the machine will hunt you down and make sure you are silenced.

We are a threat, yes, but only to the progressive power establishment and their collectivist hordes that threaten our Constitutional sovereignty.

To be an extremist in the face of open conflagration against the principles of freedom and Liberty is to be on the right side of history.

I stand with those that say repeal it and let the free market take hold. Get government out of the way.

You cannot support a “lite” version of Nationalized Healthcare and call yourself Republican. It is Socialism you support if you support replacement without repeal. There is no way to do the wrong thing.

So, all you win at any cost, my side good your side bad useful pawns please do us all a favor and call yourself and your party what you are, PROGRESSIVE turncoats in Elephants pajamas. Then get the hell out the way.

Who turned the lights on in Tallahassee ?


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grutersSelf-honesty can create some completely unexpected moments in time. So in the spirit of truth, trust, honesty and relationships   I would like to take this opportunity to commend State Representative Joe Gruters R-Sarasota on his proposed legislation designed to illuminate the “dark money” that flows like chocolate fountains in Tallahassee.

Joe is not alone in his efforts. State Senator, Debbie Mayfield, R-Melbourne, has helped put some muscle behind this bill. She has sponsored the bill in the Florida Senate. Way to go Debbie !

Under the proposals, HB 1057 and SB 1178, political committees could not transfer money to another political committee to shield the source. The only entities that would be allowed to accept unlimited amounts of cash to transfer to other committees would be the political parties and the House and Senate leadership funds, which are controlled by the House speaker and Senate president. Thus legitimizing them. Leadership funds are a major problem and should be eliminated from being expressly allowed in the legislation. Senator Debbie Mayfield

It would be very easy to draw ties to Joe’s RPOF position as Vice Chairman and the leadership funds. Of which I admit I am still a bit skeptical. But given Debbie Mayfield’s personal strength of character and integrity I am going to work from the position that this is a step forward and take her lead.

My political path has allowed me to spend a fair amount of time with both of these “representatives of the people”. It has been almost a decade worth of interaction we have shared, and I am comfortable in saying that their bills effort on the surface seems sincere. Especially with Debbie’s finger prints on it.

What Joe and Debbie are doing is a small step into the light of transparency and they are to be commended and supported in their effort. They are showing leadership and addressing something we all know is a major problem.

They are actually suggesting that our Legislators get up and out of the mud and then act like honorable self-respecting people and not greedy pigs. There is a real problem with big dollar interests influencing the legislative outcome. They are preying on man’s weaknesses.

The titles and positions that the Legislators hold are designed to be one of honor and self-sacrifice. They are designed for defenders of freedom not to be arbiters of money for power, favors, regulations, jobs or laws. The title and office that the Legislators hold is not theirs to keep. The title is theirs to preserve and protect. It came before them and it will be there when they are long gone.

What this legislation paints for me is a very clear picture. It is one that shows the systemic infection within the culture of politics in Florida. It is a culture that has replaced honor with greed. It has replaced trust with façades and civic duty with personal duty.

On all sides of the aisle the culture wreaks of abuse of power and control for self-serving interests and gain.

You see it is not the system that is failing. It is the lack of willingness by those we elect to walk  in the light and carry on their shoulders the burden of office that it is intended to create on them.

In the end it is disgusting and sad that so many would choose to participate in the selling out of values and principles, so much so that a law has to be created to keep the lights turned on and the rats at bay.

There are more of the Joe and Debbie’s in Tallahassee and we need to be encouraging them to step forward and to begin creating a new norm in Florida politics and the culture around it. That way, maybe, just maybe, we can return the interest of governance back to the people.



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Sometimes when you step out of a large social or family paradigm and stop living within its direct influences and precepts, you can see how your behavior and thinking were shaped by the same. Not to say that all the outcomes are necessarily slanted one way or another, it is just that life influences you. And when you are subject to deep emersion in social and family situations, well it has an affect on you.

Sort of like the young person leaving home and striking out on their own for the first time. The further the time of separation between the family and the teen, the greater the awareness of how the home life has shaped them. Many of the revelations are hopefully reassuring to the young adult, while others are quickly shed for greater personal freedoms.

The same rings true with the walk within political party’s. Let’s take for instance the RPOF, or Republican Party of Florida. I am talking about the machine that’s structure produces some of the most twisted cultural norms I think I have seen in my fifty two years of life.

For instance: The current Chairman of the RPOF and a sitting State Florida Legislator, Blaise Ingoglia, is on a personal mission to make sure that Governor Rick Scotts pile of play money, or as Blaise calls it “dark money” is taken away. They are specifically known as Enterprise Funds.

It sounds so noble. The party head and an up and coming power broker in the Florida House riding his white horse into the capitol to free Floridians from maleficence, collusion and sleaze. While this is an attribute and action most of us would like to see our government officials taking, it is riddled with hypocrisy.

The RPOF has its own “dark pool” of money too. The difference is that Blaise and others benefit from that dark pool so to them and their supporters it is alright. They make excuses and reasons why they can have it but others cannot.

The RPOF is an organized scheme of personal gain and personal power for those willing to live the paradigm of close one eye when it benefits me or someone that can help me. The lack, not complete lack, but lack of ethics and morality within the institution that is supposed to raise, groom and get elected our future law makers is just the tip of the corruption.

The façade of “all that is good” is as well wrapped as a pedophile clergyman that hides behind spiritual virtue. When Blaise and the others in the RPOF openly denounce and stop allowing for “dark pool leadership funds” within the RPOF, then and only then may they point at any elected for doing the same thing and be credible in doing it.

With all of this being known to any self-honest member of the machine, it makes the condoning and lack of open disgust from the internal ranks even more complicit. It typifies the depth of the infection that has consumed our political process at its most important levels across the board. Not just an infection of the elected bums, but non-elected bums deciding who the next head bum will be.

All from a state party that refuses to declare their precepts on paper and ratify their values for all to see.

No this is another example of a great paint job on the outside and trash on the inside. I think the following is an example of outcomes in this situation.

……..  And the different constituencies – not so much their leaders but their memberships – are beginning to question whether their loyalty to either of the two parties have been abused or misused; whether they might have fared better had they taken charge of their own destiny with their own clear advocacies and “in-house” leadership, instead of leaving things in the hands of master politicians who have continually demonstrated to be no patron saints to their memberships, nor strong advocates for their needs. Ben Tanosborn

Two Days Later


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If my intuition is correct about what is yet to come, then I may just fear vindication more than I do being wide of the mark.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2016

Live your survival and gain sufficiency.


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Self-sufficiency – noun: the state of not requiring any aid, support, or interaction, for survival; it is therefore a type of personal or collective independence.

Survival – [sərˈvīvəl] – noun: the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.

In our day to day world there are varied degrees of survival that are required of us. This is true simply because there are wide-ranging degrees of threat that we face.

And in today’s economic death spiral of Keynesian Economics, politically corrupt leadership and a war torn world, many are already beginning to experience the peripheral edge of a “deep survival” state because of those same threats.

There are more at that edge than I think we care to admit. Government figures of non-participation in the labor force and welfare rolls alone support this. We can look at the high percentage of millennials still at home and the lack of savings they have. And let’s not forget the fact that one out of five families does not have anyone working in them.

I am sure we can all point out a myriad of other examples. We could even make them an entire topic of conversation in and of themself. The point is that an honest interpretation of the financial side of “civil order” tells us that we are in real trouble as a society and a Nation.

While most are not fully engulfed in a deep survival mode at present, many do exist in a heightened state of survival with darker days on the horizon. Just the pressing threats of civil unrest, natural disaster, financial collapse, world war and terrorism are enough to raise the Spidey senses a few notches. And it is forcing people at all levels to find new ways to survive day in and day out. It is sort of like being the frog in a pot of water and being boiled at a slow roll.

Unless we want to be the boiled frog we need a strong mind, body and soul that can assess threat, plan a defense and then execute it. Plus, when it comes to defining “survival”, it is important to remember that survival and sufficiency are learned and earned over time.

That is to say that a man cannot easily walk from his 9 to 5, three kids and a wife into a deep survival mode overnight and expect there to be some automatic switch that is going to make him able to perform and act under pressure of threat without preparation and training. Not for long at least.

No different really than the person who buys an AR platform. They take it home, show it off a bit, and then shove it in a safe, or the closet. Expecting that in a time of real threat they will be able to use it effectively without proper training and muscle memory. Sorry it is just not happening.

Or like the couple that has a pile of seeds and never grows anything. While you may have the seeds you don’t have food unless you can grow them! Let’s not even mention storing the food for long term use.

Deep survival is not something you pull out of a 72 hour pack or the garage when the coming storm makes landfall. At least not without ever carrying the pack or cooking out of the #10 cans it isn’t.

Much like an athlete doesn’t just sign up, put on the uniform and run on to the field to play. You don’t just prep and play. No, there is practice in between each game. And those that practice with purpose become sufficient in the game and excel. And similarly those who “prepare” but do not live the preparation by nature have less of a chance of actually using those preparations to their maximum benefit and self-sufficiency.

We all need training just like the athlete. However, you and I are not training for a game. You and I are training for our life and the life of our family.

It is important to remember that successful and measurable survival is lived at some level not stored in a pack or closet. And our chances of success in a deep survival scenario increase dramatically the more we have a tuned mind, body and soul to complement our physical and operational preparations.

So live your survival before you get there and it will be livable when it arrives.

The Mind

Without a sharp and well healed mind we are less likely to make thorough decisions, take action and effectively offset threats. It makes it even more difficult for us to see the threats on the horizon when we do not have good mental clarity and focus. If we are not thinking, planning and acting ahead, well then, we are falling behind.

It is for reasons like this that we must keep our mind in tune. In a deep survival situation critical thinking skills are vital and will provide a higher degree of certainty that we are living through it, not just surviving in it.

Survival tip #1 for the mind (All Levels): Crosswords, Sudoku, Reading, and Poker.

Who needs Luminosity when we have these rudimentary exercises that really can be fun? These exercises can be challenging and they require you to focus thought in one place for an extended period of time. This will help you improve your mental focus over time.

It will also provide you with knowledge and experience and an opportunity to research and learn. Believe it or not, when these exercises are done with daily regularity they will help you in your ability to make quicker and more targeted decisions.

One catch, no phone, tablet, kindle, PC, laptop or digital screen please. Use the real thing like a crossword or puzzle book, a novel or a field manual. And when you play poker, try and do it with real people at a real table with real cards and chips. Maybe even some real beer!


Turn off the virtual screens and pick up a pair of weights for your mind. These exercises will help you think ahead and make decisions based on potential future outcomes. They will teach you how to find answers to things you do not know. They will help you in assessing your threats. They will give you skill in concentration. These exercises will help round your knowledge base and make your mind a sharper weapon.

Survival Tip #2 for the mind (All Levels): “Draw It”

A cohesive team is always an advantage in deep survival scenarios. One of the foundational principles of team cohesion is communication. The clearer, faster and more concise you can communicate with your team the more agile and effective you are both as a leader and a team member.

This exercise should be done with some frequency to sharpen your skills and will require some maintenance and upkeep along the way.

You will require the following for the exercise:

  • (3) Different color crayons or markers. You will share these.
  • (2) Pads of paper. One for each of you
  • (2) People

Step One:

Without the other person seeing what you are drawing, Draw (4) four shapes in a way that at least (2) two of the shapes overlap one another. Keep the shapes empty at this point, do not fill them in. Use at least (2) two different colors if not all of them in your drawing.

Step Two:

With the other person still facing away from you, hand them your crayons or markers then turn with your back to theirs. Now begin to instruct them on replicating what you have drawn on your pad of paper. Remember, the other person is not to see what you have drawn. Guide them step by step until you are sure they have the same picture as you. All the while not looking at what they are drawing either!

Step Three:

Compare !


This is actually a fun exercise for kids of all ages and helps build communication skill. Good Communication skills are needed for effective leadership and team interaction. Good communication lends to making our work a day world easier and us more effective in it as well.

Good communication skills are also required to relay information up the ladder to those that may need it from us. Our ability to communicate up and down the ladder is vital to our ability to live a deep survival scenario.

This exercise will help you learn how to give direction to others in a way that expresses exactly what you mean and want them to do. It will also allow you the opportunity to receive some instruction as well.

Alphas can have a real hard time on the “receiving” portion of this exercise. However, a wise alpha will use the opportunity to be on the receiving end and evaluate their “instructor”. They will listen to them and learn. That way they will know what to expect from them in a pinch!

It can also allow you the opportunity to know which team members are effective communicators and those that are not. No need to be threatened heroes!

Mental Health

Physical Health for the mind is equally as important as exercising it. Like our body, if we have an unhealthy mind there will not be much exercise. We must make sure that we are not taking with great excess or frequency those things that alter and damage our mind and cause us to lose focus.

There are also foods we can eat daily and place in our preparedness food shelter which will aid the biological make up of our physical mind. This topic is a book in and of itself. And there is a very large selection of reading available for or purchase to help navigate you in that direction. A brief mention here should serve as discussion for the purpose of moving on.

The Body

Our body like our mind is a very important element in the process of survival. It is our engine in the physical world, our work horse.

The stronger we are and the healthier we are, then the more effective we are to our family and ourselves. No one is suggesting that we all be washboard rippled, stubble faced paratroopers (HOOAH). However, a certain amount of mobility, strength and stamina is vital when applying survival techniques in a deep survival state.

When we talk about physical health, gym memberships are out for many of us. They either cost too much or we are simply time restricted from going. Besides, we are not trying to be Arnold; we are just trying to be healthy and mobile.

Survival Tip #1 for the body (All Levels): “Walk”

If you have a “Bug out Bag” or carry a 72 hour pack in your vehicle, strap it on and walk! Walk like your life depends on it, because one day it may. Even if you are the pillar of physicality, do it!

There are several reasons for saying this. If you have never tried walking a distance, say three miles for starters, with a fully loaded pack, well, you are in for an awakening. And probably some blisters.

You use different muscles than are utilized every day too. Especially once you strap fifty pounds on your back and take a walk for three short miles.

Step One:

Get your family and their packs, get in the car, and take them for a hike in the woods, in a park or even around the block, with the packs on! And remember to bring them back!

Step Two:

At the end of your family hike eat some of the food and drink some of the water you carried along the way. Use the maps and navigation you have in your kits to get you where you are going. Try not to use outside resource you may not otherwise be able to find in a deep survival mode.

(To offset the expense of consuming your supplies, use a recreational expenditure like pizza and a movie as revenue in the budget for replenishment of the supplies. You do not have to eat from your kit each time either. )

Step Three:

On one of your expeditions, plan on pitching a camp. Do it solely with the supplies you have for shelter and warmth at hand in your bug out bag or 72 hour kit. Then, camp! Even if it is on your roof top or in your backyard, test your systems and yourself.

No family? No Problem! Make it a date night or go solo!


Make sure you have a debriefing after your exercises. Nothing fancy, just talk about the walk and camp, the food and the overall experience. Try to get what worked well and what didn’t out of everyone. I can tell you from experience it will be easier to get what didn’t work out of everyone much easier in the beginning. Don’t be discouraged.

Who knows you may actually find you are lacking something you thought you had covered. Better to know now than when you need it to perform and stay alive.

Be sure to listen more than you speak. Replicate those things that worked for you and others. Remove or learn how to use, the things that did not work. And be honest. Was it the ware that failed or your knowledge of using it that made it less than efficient?

When this is done with some frequency, and self-honesty, you will gain physical strength and refine your bug out bag. You will also build skill as a unit/family and begin to experience the reality of your preparations. You will begin to live survival!

In terms of keeping fit, I have never found great success in “work out” programs except basic training and advanced Infantry and Airborne training. Today, I have had the best success with just being physical in what I do. It keeps me “in shape”, and remaining healthy.

When faced with stairs or an elevator, take the stairs. When faced with parking upfront or out in the north forty – take the north forty. Perform no less than (10) ten solid minutes of calisthenics each day twice a day. Refine your diet and drink water instead of a soda. Eat a single burger instead of a double.

Taking simple measures and pushing your normal level of physical activity now will insure that in a time of distress or deep survival you will be able to rise to the physical challenge when it smacks you upside your head. And it is going to smack us up side our heads!

The Soul

Far be it from me to instruct another on the development of their soul. That is not my leaning. The soul is solemn and it is each man’s alone. The soul is a place that no one other than you and your God may see the true depths of its making.

The soul is our collection of experiences. It is the place we hold the truth of self. We build the very foundation of our being in our souls. It costs us nothing to inspect our soul. It costs us nothing to question our principles with boldness. It costs us nothing to nourish our soul in deed.

Our soul enables us to be light in the darkness. That very light can give others a place to move towards instead of over the edge with the rest of feudalists.

By continuously strengthening the caliber of one’s soul and nourishing it with deed and honor through self-honest reflection and action, we have the ultimate tool in our bug out bag!

I will leave the spiritual tips to the chaplains of the world. I can only speak to what works for me. I really would love to hear from you what works best in your journey.

There is a saying that goes something like this; “Whatever you have with you when the shtf, is all you have when the shtf.”

So up your arsenal and refine it every day by doing something that will strengthen your mind your body and your soul. It does and will complement your arsenal of wares and weapons.

That way no matter where you are, or what you have with you and no matter what happens, you will be armed, better prepared and more aware.

A deep survival state is something that requires a greater survivability than our daily survival as men. Therefore those skills required in a deep survival state are going to be more foreign and untried for many.

For others that have attained a level of survivability through practice they will know what to do when faced with a state of deep survival.

And for those that have attained a level of self-sufficiency through survival. They will know what to do, when to do it, and who to do it with.

While there is still time to stick your toe in the water, you should really get a feel for living even just a small part of a deep survival state modality. If you are already there take the next step. But be careful, you may just find yourself on a track to self-sufficiency, the ultimate prep!




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I was taught early that each man among us has a duty, a personal and civic duty, first to God, then to ourselves, our family, our neighbors and fellow citizens. That duty is that each man should perform whatever it is he is doing the best that he can. In doing so he makes his family, community, and a nation stronger.

There always have been, always are and always will be, men that are better at, more versed and experienced in certain facets of life than I have been, I am or I ever will be. That is just a fact.

There are also those less versed and experienced than I in some facets. It would be arrogant to assume that one less versed in a topic or skill than I is any less, or I any better. When in reality they most certainly hold experience in or have skills that I have not even begun to try or master. And as long we both do the absolute best we can when we are doing what we do, then everyone succeeds.

Max HorkheimerIt is not in competition that one  chooses to do this. It is in harmony with others doing the same. Like a team. As we approach and make our way through the day, let us do so in a manner that is in keeping with our God’s standards, and our personal standards and principles. In doing so we may be able to raise the bar a notch higher for another to try and attain and exceed. As a result we all grow, strengthen and prosper.

The outcome of our own self determination is connected to the effort of our neighbors and family. It is for that reason that we have an obligation to be the best at whatever it is we do. We must do so because we owe it to ourselves. We must do so because we are someone else’s family member. We are someone else’s neighbor. We are part of a greater good. We are children of God and we need reflect that in our effort.

Then there is the antithesis to the idea that “effort begets gain”. So consider the two paths; one where there is personal gain at the expense of others, and then the other where personal responsibility lends to the greater outcome for us and of those around us.

Spending our personal energy in the course of the day  is much more rewarding and lasting when we gain from that effort by exercising our principles and standards in the process.It’s not as much about the destination as it is about the journey.

As long as we use self-honesty as our final filter for decisions made and actions taken, we will find the path to be one that is brighter to walk. Truth is the ultimate goal. And its reward is in the journey.

And at the end of today when the page has been written in the book of life, it will read that we gave our effort in total. It will read that we walked through the day in principle and we maintained our standards in keeping with what is required of us. There is more to life than a remuneration of fiat wealth. There is a wealth of character and knowledge of truth that comes from self-determination. It lights the way for us on freedoms path. It is ours to hold and ours to lose.

Just know that when you do your best, someone else will as well. Be a leader and lead by deed. Let your example of self-determination inspire others to raise their level and make today a great day.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2016


Political Reality


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Sometimes we need to look from without to see within.

A good self-honest look in the mirror from time to time is required to maintain a strong foundation of adherent principle. This is true not only of individuals, but of organizations, groups, companies, families and so on.

When learning civics we were taught that the process of elections was to select from the best of the best that American exceptionalism had to offer. We were told to go and find a person that understood governance was for the protection of ideals, not the creation of governmental ideas.

What we were never taught was that any registered political party regardless of what you call them is really a corporation. They are not a governmental body or Constitutional authority. A political Party is required to register with the States as a company. They register as a different type of company than say a “for profit” or a “charitable corporation”. The political companies, that we call political partys, purposes are to raise money to promote persons to fill elected positions within government from their company. You know like the Mayors, Council members, Senators, Congressmen and Presidents as well.

The history of each of the two major party structures and their founding is particularly interesting and important to this discussion. The two major partys formed just prior to the civil war. They formed as an outcome of slavery and still carry the binary energy that developed them then. We never seemed to shake the negative bond that created these two partys, in some weird way it was harnessed and acted as propellant.

whigThe issue of slavery split the Whig party. “Conscience Whigs” in the North favored the abolition of slavery and halting the institution’s spread into new territories. The “Cotton Whigs” in the South took the opposite viewpoints. Following Scott’s poor showing in 1852, the southerners moved to the Democratic Party and the northerners to the newly formed Republican Party.

There was never a truly consistent Whig political philosophy, except in the negative sense of opposing excessively concentrated power in the federal government. Their objectives came about largely after their disappearance. With no Southerners in Congress and Abraham Lincoln, a former Whig from Illinois, in the White House, the Republican Party finally passed much of the economic legislation regarding banking and tariffs that had long been advocated by the Whigs.

We can say the same thing today about the two major Partys. Each Party has lost their ability to see the political philosophy that made their party viable. Not only are the major Party apparatuses unable to behave in a principled way, they are unable to legislate from their own platform of political ideals.

So what happened over time? How did these gigantic companies come to stand for everything they say they stand against? The answer is easy to see if you step back and take even a glancing look at the party landscape. This is where the introspection becomes a powerful tool. Remember that the Party is a corporation, a business.

The first similarity you find to a regular business is a Board of Directors. Of which there are several in the Republican and Democratic Party org charts.

Then there are donors; these are the income source for the company. Instead of “selling” a physical widget, the party sells ideas. If you like the ideas then you participate in the company. The Party generally creates a platform of ideals that express those concepts and promises, it is their marketing. The expectancy is that if you give the Party money or support their candidates, they will work to advance the ideals as spelled out in the platform. Rather symbiotic in it’s pure form. Simply, the premise is that if you like where they say they are going politically then you will support them.

There are also stock holders in the company. They are known as voters. The idea of our form of elections is “one man one vote”.

Along the way there is a point at which men with personal ambition and moneymonopoly-man wrestled power away from the stock holders. They began to hold influence over the company in ways that eroded the true political ideology and motivations of the platform as well as its supporters. Their influence promoted their interest whether it was concurrent with party political philosophy or not. They use the Party to elect beholden legislators for special interest purposes that are a benefit to the few and not the Nation.

In an effort to calm the shareholders whenever the cracks begin to form, the Party begins dispensing loyalist rewards and graft in an effort to keep the façade of ideology in place. It is important to understand that at a point in the development of the political party there ceases to exist a pure ideological inertia that drives the operations. It morphs into a bi-polar leviathan of greed and self-interest vs. principle. Some call it “compromise”.

Behind the scenes and away from prying ears and eyes of God fearing Americans, political organizations fulfill the obligations of big donors and loyalists before our interests. They do this while they declare their ideological motivation as a smoke screen for their back room deals. After all, they are a corporation and are very good at marketing.

So if you listen to what is said by the Party and its leaders and compare it against the actual legislative outcomes you can see this plain as day. This is never more apparent than with the current two major Party candidates for President.

Political leaders are willing to make excuse after excuse for those that violate the basic tenants of civility let alone principle. Why? They do it so that they may WIN. They have to WIN in order to fulfill their laundry list of favors, graft and pay off. They have to WIN to make good on their effort of deception and greed. They have to win to remain in power. They have to win to keep the Corporation relevant, the doors open and the money flowing in. “Our side good, their side bad”.

So when you speak of crony capitalism remember crony politics. It is even more dangerous to America and her societal fabric.

What we are seeing unfold in front of us is truly historic in scale. These days we live in will be written about and remembered for a long time to come. We are voting for a candidate so we can vote against the other one. How twisted is that? It is even more twisted especially when there are more than just the two of them on the ballot.

As far as I can tell, not only has the body politic become consumed from its own ego and self-indulgence but democracy, because of the lack of conviction to principle, is rapidly departing America as well.

America and her political system have become a hollow shell. There is nothing left but greed and coercion and the threat of coercion. We have forsaken our principles and denied our character. Our institutions are choking from the ruthless behavior of those that have hijacked it for personal wealth and power.

Body-PoliticAnd those that remain in the body politic to revitalize or save her are doing a disservice. The longer we string this gluttonous monster along the more we prolong her inevitable demise. Any system sick and riddled with dark intention that masks herself as the great American savior should be moved to the back pasture and taken from the earth. It is time for a renewal of principle.

When the authors of day’s future reflect upon the cause and the reasoning of the collapse of the two major Party structures and influence they will undoubtedly see the cause was simple. The Party stopped being an ideological vehicle for likeminded men to insure their independence and freedom. It has since been replaced with actors and charlatans abusing their power and influence for the interest of a few, over the interest of a nation’s people and her principles.

A lot of this was possible because of the trust voters / shareholders placed in the system. We gave absolute credibility to the leaders and stopped watching our own. We accepted the occasional morsel of principle they throw to the floor when we become too restless and we settle in an interest of unity.

There are a lot of actors in this long running play. And there is no one less responsible than the other. There are however those more principled in their intent than others.

There are a small percentage of Republicans and Democrats that still hold to the ideological premise of the political Party. However, the Party does not have your ideological interests as fuel for its inertia. So when the fallout from this embarrassing circus we call an election settles you can be sure that the ideological shareholders will be villainized and purged. There is at last no place left for good men to serve in the major political Party’s.

bigtent-on-fireSo I ask again, the big tent is on fire, where do you go from here? Because it seems like honesty has become self-sacrifice. Perhaps an affiliation with principle and not a Party is a direction to consider.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2016

“Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system … a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state…. The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization… It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government…. This group … is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.”— Senator William Jenner, 1954 speech


Trump Unveils Maternity Leave Policy and ‘Conservatives’ Cheer!


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I am not going to argue the facts anymore. Now if someone wants to learn about a fact then I am happy to share. So are a few other people it turns out.

This is from a very well written article from Ben Shapiro @ the Daily Caller:


According to Trump’s website, “The Trump plan will enhance Unemployment Insurance (UI) to include 6 weeks of paid leave for new mothers so that they can take time off of work after having a baby.” There’s no direct mandate for employers to cover maternity leave, but this is truly just an indirect mandate: this means that employers will pay increased taxes. He says he’ll pay for this by cutting waste and fraud. Nonsense. As Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says, “The cost of this program would be another $7.5 billion in payouts from the unemployment system each year, on top of the payments already being made for actual unemployment…it’s a surrender on the principle of limited government.”

As Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review writes:

Oh, and as an aside, Trump made sure to mention that child care benefits would go to “same-sex couples” as well, thereby consummating the de-civilization agenda of the Left about raising families without a family. No word yet on whether two men would be entitled to maternity benefits. Oops, there goes the second leg of the conservative stool.

“But Hillary is worse…!”

Yes, I know. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t engage in some cognitive dissonance. There’s one thing to vote for Trump in a binary choice, as CR’s Mark Levin has suggested. There is quite another to begin championing his liberal policies like so many of his supporters are doing.

And in fairness to your brain and in a show of balanced perspective I give you the words of the Donald from his own policy on his website.

He is going to bring Federal Policy in line with the needs of working parents.

Translated, pandering socialist tripe.

– September 13, 2016 –


Today Donald J. Trump Will Unveil An Innovative Plan To Bring Federal Policies In Line With The Needs Of Today’s Working Parents

NEW YORK, NY – Today Mr. Trump will proposes an innovative plan to bring federal tax policies in line with the needs of today’s families. His plan is not for the wealthy, but rather provides the biggest benefit to working- and middle-class families. This plan is needed because child care expenses are one of the largest expenses in many families, complicating a family’s decision on how to care for young children. The Trump reforms will allow a family to make the choice of whether a parent should work outside the home or not without bias from the tax code. Having employed and empowered thousands of women at every level throughout his entire career, Donald Trump understands the needs of the modern workforce.


This is not conservative. It’s warmed-over leftism.

If you wonder why you are holding your nose and voting for him, let me explain. You are left with “The Don’O” as your Big “R” choice because the party has practiced a win at all cost foundation to their plan.

They have set aside values, principle and American exceptionalism for a victory, regardless of the skunk they elect.

The time has long passed for making excuses for the vial behavior of this person. He does not and will not represent America with honor.

So get ready kids, the “Great Fundamental Transformation” is about to begin ! Lord help us all ! And if that is not enough … here is another reason to support the case.

Conservatives my foot !



While we may disagree from time to time, don’t ask me to compromise my values or beliefs to accommodate your lack of conviction and grit.

Past performance is a sign of future action. It is sad to see how many “go team Republican’s, win at any cost” can craft a pass for the person they have as a candidate for POTUS. If this was the first “faux pas”, then maybe.

So while establishment elites espouse their mantra of “our side is good – their side is bad”, what do you say that you and I take an objective look first inward before we attempt to dishonor the other. If we don’t, we will continue to be useful pawns in the final transformation of America. There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

So where do you go from here? You ask for unity. But there is no reconciliation. You ask for unity but there is no justice. You ask for unity but there is little regard for rule of law. Unity is cheered while honesty is ignored.

And please do not answer me by asking if I have read how wonderful and conservative the platform is. I doubt anyone outside of the platform committee can tell you what is in it let alone legislate from any of the foundational ideas and principles. Say maybe like, oh I don’t know limited government as an example.

No, the party is lost. We have ceded the brand and no longer represent the Republican values of our founding Party leaders. But I digress.

The tent is still aflame, where do you go from here?

Honesty is Becoming Self-Sacrifice


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It was never meant that our government be our moral guide or keeper. It was meant that a moral government preserves, protects and defends our Nation so that we could be a moral and principled people. We look to morally principled men to guard our liberty and freedom, not to legislate it.

statue-of-liberty-cryingAs a Nation we have greatly eliminated our participation in public influence and debate  at any real individual level. We have ceded our civic roles of discussion and free thinking. We have willingly handed the care and management of our society to the “nanny state”.

We have traded the stages, scripts and directors of our cultural pillars away from “we the people” and into the hands of progressive rebels.

America has relinquished our Liberty as a people and fall shackled not to the phony legislated ideals, principles and morality of governmental edict, but to the legislators and their keepers interests that keep us from exercising our free will.

You may know society is doomed when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you; [and] when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice.”

Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”, 1957

To be an extremist in the face of open conflagration against the principles of freedom and Liberty is to be on the right side of history.

Just make sure you know the ideals, principles and morals of the team you’re siding with while fighting back the existential crisis called power, greed, moral deprivation and Progressive idealism. There is no such thing as a lesser of two evils – they are both evil.

Remember, when the watchdog sides with the wolf, it is the sheep that are the victims.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2016